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Thank you to Local Businesses

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Fluvanna Fire Department would like to Express our profound Appreciation to the Local Businesses for their generous donation to support the men and women of Fluvanna Fire Department, Fluvanna Fire Department annually sponsors a generous Picnic as a token of appreciation to the endless dedication and persistent efforts of its members who proven time after time their determination and self-motivation and love to serve and protect life and property of the District residence day and night risking their lives to save others; and to that we all say thank you and so did our Local Businesses who we all graciously admire the generosity of their donations and we encourage all the residence in the District of Fluvanna, Ellery Center, Bemus Point, Jamestown to continue their support to the Local Business who appreciated the efforts of our Firefighters and EMT’s…. and for that we are eternally grateful.


LaScala Restaurant Kwik Fill

Ziebart Top’s

Four Seasons         Dunkin Donuts

Comfort Inn Seneca Alleghany Casino

Farm Fresh Foods Arrow Mart

Fifties Dairy & Grill Cindy Lawson (Nationwide Insurance)

Honey Comb Salon McDonalds

Maureen’s Hair Salon Raynor’s Liquor

Peterson’s Farm Chatter Box

Hiller Tire War Vets

R&K Motors Gaylene’s


Fire Consumes Gerry Home

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Fire Consumes Gerry Home

September 6, 2012

The Post-Journal

GERRY - A fire destroyed much of a home in Gerry on Wednesday. According to Carl Fransen, chief of the Gerry Fire Department, a call came in at 3:13 p.m. for a fire at 2842 Gerry-Ellington Road in Gerry. When the first truck arrived at the scene a short time later, flames were seen coming out of all of the second-story windows in the home. Several area fire departments worked together to control the structure fire, but the house looked to be a total loss. A fire investigation team was called in to the incident and the investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.


P-J photos by Ryan Atkins

Cassadaga Fire

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Natural Gas Leak In Basement Starts Fire In Bernard Road House


July 16, 2012

The Post-Journal

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CASSADAGA - A natural gas leak caused an explosion in a home at 3366 Bernard Road, Cassadaga, at 10:51 a.m. Sunday.


According to a police report, the Sinclairville volunteer firefighters were the first on the scene and found the house engulfed in flames. All those inside the home were able to get out safely, but were taken to area hospitals for treatment of minor injuries. Firefighters from Cassadaga, Fluvanna, Ellery Center, Cherry Creek and Stockton also responded to the scene.


Once the fire was out, the Chautauqua County Fire Investigation Team determined the fire started in the basement and was caused by a natural gas leak.

No Bingo on July 3rd 2012

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We would like to apologize to all of our Bingo Customers for the inconvenience but there will be no Bingo on July 3rd... We Wish you all a Happy and safe 4th of July; we will see you July 10th.


Fluvanna Bingo Crew

Home Destroyed

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Home Destroyed

Four People Taken To Hospital After Gerry Home Catches Fire

March 11, 2012

By Liz Skoczylas (lskoczylas@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

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GERRY - A Gerry home has been destroyed in a mid-morning fire Saturday.

According to Carl Fransen, fire chief for Gerry Volunteer Fire Department, the Gerry, Falconer, Sinclairville, Fluvanna, Ellington and Ellery Center volunteer fire departments responded to a fully-evolved fire in a double-wide trailer at 4627 Route 60 in Gerry at 10:09 a.m. Saturday.

The Chautauqua County Fire Investigation Team was at the scene as well. No cause of the fire had been determined yet.

"We had heavy fire through basically the whole center section of the house," Fransen said.

There was a large pond next to the location of the fire, which Fransen said helped the departments to get water on the blaze quickly.

Responders attempted to make an interior attack on the blaze, however were pushed back by the flames and had to attack the fire from outside the trailer. By noon, the departments had gotten the fire under control.

"It was a typical double-wide house. We had a hard time originally knocking the base of the fire down, just because we couldn't get inside. Most of the operations were outside," Francen said. "We got the fire knocked down and took care of the four patients that were burned."

Francen said that four people were injured at the scene. One person was taken to the hospital by Starflight while the other three people in the house were taken by ambulance to WCA Hospital. Everyone was out of the home when the departments arrived on the scene.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department received so many 911 calls about the fire, that they were unsure who made the initial report. Many of the calls were made by people driving by the flames.

Fire Ruled Accidental

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Fire Ruled Accidental

Investigators Say Sparks From Metal Grinder Ignited Flammable Material

December 22, 2011

By Andrew Carr (acarr@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

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FALCONER - A fire at the Wa Company auto service complex has been ruled accidental.

The Chautauqua County Fire investigation Team released the cause of the Monday night blaze on Wednesday. The team was requested to assist the Falconer Fire Department in determining the cause of the fire at 1832 E. Main St. Extension.

At about 9 p.m., neighbors reported seeing flames inside one of the connected garages. Crews from the volunteer fire department arrived to begin drawing water from the nearby Cassadaga Creek. A short time afterward, there was an explosion and a fireball.

Flames, 20 to 25 feet high were reported by Dave Jaszcz, Falconer first assistant fire chief.

Firefighters from surrounding areas, including Kennedy, Gerry and Fluvanna also responded. Water was pumped from the Cassadaga Creek to battle the blaze. Jaszcz said the village hydrant system ends at the Interstate 86 exit and Harley Davidson store, prompting the response to rely on rural procedures.

A second explosion at a rear garage occurred at about 9:50 p.m. after a wooden component of the complex had mostly collapsed.

The investigation into the cause of the blaze showed that the fire started on the west side of the garage section of the building. The owner had been working inside the garage earlier in the evening, using a metal grinder in the area the fire had started. Officials say that the fire started after the sparks from the grinder had smoldered and later ignited flammable material, possibly sawdust.

Jason Rodriguez contributed to this story.

Crash Sends One To Hospital

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Crash Sends One To Hospital

August 23, 2011

By Andrew Carr (acarr@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

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A motorcycle accident on Interstate 86 in Ellicott sent a man to the hospital Monday.

According to New York State Police officials on scene, four motorcycle riders entered the interstate on exit 12.

One of the riders went too far over the side of the road, and was caught up on the berm.

When he tried to correct the motorcycle back onto the road, he lost control and dumped the bike.

Both the rider and the motorcycle continued down the road for a distance, and the rider stopped short of a guard rail, while the bike continued over the guardrail.

The rider was taken by Fluvanna ambulance to the hospital for chest and ankle pain.

According to officers on scene, charges may be pending in the accident.

The Fluvanna Fire Department, Ellicott Police Department and Alstar Ambulance assisted on the scene.

Minor Injured In Crash

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Minor Injured In Crash

Youth On?Bike Suffers Minor Injuries After Collision With Car

August 16, 2011

By Andrew Carr (acarr@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

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FLUVANNA - A minor was taken to the hospital after a vehicle accident on Monday.

The crash occurred in front of 3446 Old Fluvanna Road in Fluvanna.

According to Ellicott Police, the call was received at 3:30 p.m. Jerry Raab, assistant chief of the Fluvanna Fire Department said the call originally came in as a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle into a tree.

When officials arrived, they found that a minor was involved in the accident as well.

Ellicott Police officials said that the youth on a bike was exiting south out of the driveway of the War Vets club parking lot and failed to stop for the vehicle.

The vehicle, driven by Marion Robertson, 80, of Jamestown, swerved to miss the youth, but ended up hitting him, going through the front yard of the home and into a utility pole.

"She swerved to avoid hitting the minor and ended up in the lawn," said Ellicott Police Department Sgt. Matthew Kubinski.

The youth was looked over by EMTs at the scene and taken to the hospital by his father to be treated for minor injuries, he said. Robertson was uninjured in the accident, said Raab.

No information on charges was available.

La Scala Scare

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La Scala Scare

Minor Fire Brings Back Memories Of 2008 At Local Restaurant

April 29, 2011

By Dave Emke (demke@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

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A fire call to La Scala restaurant Thursday night brought back memories of the 2008 fire that destroyed its former location.

Thankfully, all at the scene agreed this most recent incident was minor in nature.

Customers leaving the restaurant at about 9 p.m. reported that they smelled something burning as they stood in the parking lot. They soon spotted smoke emanating from the front portion of the restaurant's entryway, prompting one member of the group to dial 911 while another re-entered the building to alert staff.

''The call was received as an electrical fire,'' said David Bartkowiak, chief of the Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Department. ''The first chief on the scene reported smoke coming from the eaves.''

A full alarm was called to the Fluvanna department, and a ladder truck was brought in from the Jamestown Fire Department to assist. Bartkowiak said that while the fire was quickly extinguished, a wall at the front of the entryway needed to be disassembled by the firefighters to ensure that was the case as well as to open up the scene for the fire investigator.

No one was injured in the incident.

La Scala's current location is across the street from where it was housed until November 2008, when a devastating fire leveled the building. The building in which it now resides was formerly the home of Thomas G. Stone AMVETS Post 1996, until being remodeled and reopened as La Scala in April 2010.

Massive Response

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Massive Response

Several Fire Departments Respond To Blaze At Keywell In Frewsburg

July 12, 2011

By Andrew Carr (acarr@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal

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FREWSBURG - Area fire departments battled a blaze at the Keywell facility in Frewsburg on Monday.

According to officials at the Chautauqua County Dispatch, the call came in at 12:11 p.m. for a reported fire in the turning department.

"They had a fire in their dust-collector system," said Frewsburg Fire Chief Daniel Sisson.

When the Frewsburg Fire Department arrived on the scene, there was heavy smoke visible, he said.

"We had heavy smoke coming out the rear of the building: we found sprinkler heads blown, and they had fire in a couple of the metal dust collectors," he said.

Mutual aid was called for, and multiple departments responded to the scene.

The Falconer Fire Department was called for the use of their ladder truck, which was used to place firefighters on the roof of the building.

The fire departments that responded to the scene included Frewsburg, Falconer, Fluvanna, Kiantone, Busti, Lakewood, Kennedy and the County Emergency Services Rescue 7 truck, as well as many stand-by departments including Russell which was on stand-by at the Frewsburg Fire Department.

Ellery Center also responded with their rehabilitation vehicle, which is used to help firefighters replenish fluids and rest.

"Because of the heat today, it was 90 degrees out, we had to have everybody packed up, so we were sending crews in (to the building) in packs and they would only stay in for about 15 to 20 minutes," he said. "So we had to have a constant overturn."

With this mutual aid response, Sisson said about 100 firefighters and fire police personnel were on scene.

The fire was under control by 2:30 p.m. he said.

"Everybody did a great job and luckily it stayed to that one spot," he said.


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